Float Fishermen of Virginia, Inc.

For inquiries into membership or other questions go to our Officers page to contact Ryan Bomar, Float Fisherman of Virginia President.

Old emails with the addresses ending with @floatfishermen.org are no longer valid and cannot be used

Dedicated to the Protection of Va's Rivers and Streams

The Float Fishermen of Virginia (FFV) is a statewide organization of canoeists, kayakers, rafters and other boaters which started in 1969.  Together, we float the rivers, streams and waterways of Virginia and work to preserve and protect these important natural resources.

There are chapters throughout Virginia, and each has its own personality.  One chapter may paddle mostly whitewater;  another may do mostly flat water fishing.  But all pull together when it comes to protecting waterways.Subscribe to Float Fishermen email list.  This will allow you to send email to the group and receive emails from the other members.  Members use this to announce trips and pass along other information.
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Attn. Bill Tanger

P.O.Box 1750

Roanoke VA 24008

Tax ID  54-1596817