Float Fishermen of Virginia, Inc.

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1. Fool’s Float: 3/30/18 – 4/1/18 hosted by Ryan Bomar on his property. River determined by water levels. Pedlar v Balcony Falls run. This will be a Blue Moon weekend. Info to be posted on the Webpage. southernboy4u07@aol.com 2. Dickel Spring Fling: 4/13/18 – 4/15/18 on the Rockfish river. Camping at Sara & Kathleen’s property. Contact Ginnie Peck: ginniepeck@gmail.com

3. Douthat State Park: 4/20/18 – 4/22/18. Contact Rick Mattox for details. rdmattox@verizon.net

4. Cajun weekend at R5: 4/27/18 – 4/29/18 Contact Ed Galloway for information: ewgalloway@verizon.net This is a fund raiser; purchase tickets in advance. This event sells out every year.

5. Memorial Day Weekend Event: 5/25/18 – 5/28/18 at R5. Information will be posted on the Web.

6. Bateau Festival: 6/16/18 – 6/23/18. $25.00 for the week or $5 per night Google: Bateau Festival

7. Labor Day Weekend Event: 8/31/18 – 9/3/18 at the Slate River Property. Info to be posted on the Webpage.

8. Dickel Bash: 10/6/18 – 10/8/18 at the Slate River Properties. Contact Ginnie Peck: ginniepeck@gmail.com

9. Winter Meeting: Saturday 12/1/18 at the Slate River Properties. Meeting begins at 1:00pm.

10. Fruitcake Float: 1/1/2019 Contact Konrad Zeller

Dedicated to the Protection of VA's Rivers and Streams

2018 Event Schedule